Friday, December 30, 2011

They Do This in AA

I'm Wendy. And I'm overweight...and in debt.

(Audience: "Hi, Wendy.")

It has almost become a cliche of American culture. Step One: Admit you have a problem.

That part's never been an issue for me, admitting I have a problem. Changing, however, is a far more tedious and arduous undertaking, even (or perhaps especially) for someone like me, a counselor, a wife, a mom, a sister, daughter and friend. I've often said that counselors can't afford to "lose it"--we're the ones who are supposed to "find it", but ironically I can do this for everyone but myself.

In the 12 years my dear husband and I have been married, many things have happened that have made taking care of ourselves and our finances much, much more challenging. The current situation we're in, both health-wise and financially, is entirely of our own making. We've taken steps in the past to turn things around, and yet it seems almost impossible to make those changes sustainable over time.

Hence, this blog. I can't afford right now to attend Weight Watchers or something like it, but the way people will be more likely to actually follow through with eating healthy because they KNOW they have to weigh in, so, too, I'm hopeful that sticking to keeping a blog of this process toward permanent health and financial improvement will encourage us to make it stick.

You, the few readers who might actually be out there, are our scale, the ones who will know the "truth", for better or for worse. In the coming weeks, we'll share how we got here, what we're doing to turn it around, and try to uncover the pitfalls to lasting change along the way.

This is merely a babystep, but I have to start somewhere.


  1. I hear ya, girl. I need to find a change that I can maintain. I do feel like I have come a long way from where I was ten, or even five, years ago, but it's still not enough! I will do all I can to help cheer you on and encourage you and hopefully will find a little inspiration for myself along the way.

  2. they do that in OA, too. I attended meetings for a year or so. Hi, I'm Doni and I'm a compulsive overeater. same 12 steps, different wording. My husband suggested we all make new years resolutions this year. His? stop swearing so much ( at least at home ) Mine? YMCA, here I come as of Sunday..... He's perfectly good with that. I just need to find the time with 2 jobs and school. I will make it work, somehow..... lol
    Good luck, my good friend!!

  3. I need readers to "be my scale" too--in so many ways, on so many issues! Your profile description made me chuckle too. Congrats on taking steps toward personal and financial health! I'll be reading for my own inspiration. :)